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Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Safer Together Through Sanitisation

The virus responsible for COVID-19 can exist on surfaces for extended periods of time. The exact role and potency of surface transmission is still the subject of much active investigation, but the World Health Organisation’s Interim Guidance focuses on the importance of reducing the potential for viral contamination in non-healthcare settings. For social or sporting events involving the mass gathering of human beings, this would typically involve deep cleaning and disinfection of all hard surfaces within a room, theatre, stadium in order to render the area ‘COVID secure’. This area though would fail to remain ‘COVID secure’ once people begin to enter.

The SpectriPOD (patent pending) produces a fine mist consisting of an advanced form of Hypochlorous Acid (Spectricept). This fully biocompatible material eliminates pathogens, sanitising all surfaces on individuals that pass through, thus helping to preserve the integrity of the secured area. Enabling mass gathering events, as well as areas of high throughput to return to some form of normality. The equipment has the following features:

  • Uses an advanced form of Hypochlorous Acid (Spectricept) which is capable of eliminating >99.99996% all viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria and other pathogens

  • The Pod provides exceptional percentage body coverage

  • Unrivalled processing times – 3-4 second per person, whilst passing through, no additional delays

  • Single phase 230VAC operation

  • No additional services required

  • Robust and secure

The SpectriPODs are built on the frame of a 20 ft shipping container. This makes them extremely robust and suitable to be left “in situ” outside all year round. This arrangement allows the unit to be fully secured against vandalism etc. when not in use. Also due to the nature of containers the Pods can be easily moved around the client’s venue using standard moving equipment.

The Pods are available in a single lane version with all of the necessary control and process equipment included. These are capable of sterilising circa 2000 people per hour and are suitable for shopping centres, railway stations, cinemas etc.

Our double lane version as seen below has a throughput capability of nearly 4000 people per hour. This arrangement includes a separate container that incorporates the control and process equipment necessary for up to 4 SpectriPODs. These are the only devices on the market capable of facilitating mass gatherings. These include football matches, concert venues and festivals amongst others.

Within the personnel corridor of each unit a high-pressure system delivers a uniform mist of Spectricept by utilizing 27 integrated nozzles providing misting from floor to ceiling. This provides unparalleled body coverage of the sanitisation solution to protect all who pass through the Pod. The system has been designed to provide a “fine mist” with a droplet distribution that wets the surface that it comes into contact with, this is appropriate for surface-adhering viruses.

Both Pods have an integrated state of the art Hikvision Thermographic Bullet Camera. The camera can provide temperature readings of multiple individuals at a distance of up to 10 metres. It additionally recognises if the individual is wearing a mask or not. The results of all readings are displayed on a slave unit which can be monitored by stewards or safety staff.

All aspects of the Pods are run by a bespoke software programme. As well as measuring temperatures the software also allows for monitoring flow rate, air pressure and many others. This ensures that the units are always ready to operate by informing when the Spectricept requires filling etc.

The equipment incorporates a variety of additional features such as non-slip floors, traffic light entry system and large windows for natural light. The equipment is considered to be electromechnical process machinery and complies with the requirements of all applicable directives and bears the CE Marking. The Spectricept used is fully biocompatibility and has been subject to independent testing according to the internationally recognised ISO 10993 series of standards.

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