The Solution

Spectricept- Patented HOCI Formulation

The main active ingredient in Spectricept is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), which is a natural product actually found in the defence cells of all human beings and other animals, and without which mammalian evolution would not have taken place. It is lethal to all known pathogens, viral, bacterial and fungal. The breakthrough from our perspective is that our Spectricept team has been able to stabilise the HOCl molecule in the presence of other bodily substances that would normally break it down immediately such that its effective pathogen penetrating action is prolonged and extended and can work on dirty surfaces, such as, skin and hair.


What Makes Spectricept Different

Works on Dirty Surfaces

It is the only effective formulation of HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) ever created for use in  "Real World" conditions, providing rapid disinfection in presence of soil and other organic matter where other HOCI based products fail.

Patent Protected

It is the world's first patent protected formulation of HOCL. Offering a more effective and broader use solution compared to other generic HOCL solutions available.

 100% Safe Solution

It is non-toxic and biocompatible, 100% safe for use on humans solution derived from our body's natural immune system. Dermatalogically tested, alcohol-free and safe for all ages and medical conditions.

Tested and Approved

With extensive skin, eyes and lung sensitivity testing and several international medical approvals, the active ingredient has safely treated over 20 million patients worldwide.


Is Spectricept safe for hands and skin?

Spectricept is formulated to be soothing to your skin and is the ideal instant hand sanitiser. It has no degreasing effect on the skin, does not sting or irritate, and can be used as antiseptic and speed up wound healing times.  When applied it kills 99.99996% of bacteria, viruses and spores upon immediate contact.

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How the Solution Protects People

Pathogens, such as the COVID-19 virus, have a number of ways of spreading from one individual to another and these infection pathways needed to be stopped in order to reduce the epidemic or pandemic spread.

A critical pathway for viral infections to spread is via surfaces or human-to-human contact.  This surface-related spread applies not just to inanimate objects such as seats and tables but also to fellow human beings who from time to time have touched these surfaces. 

The use of Spectricept as a Skin, Surface and Air sanitising mist, as well as, full-body coverage mist in the SpectriPOD "walk through" system, kills 99.99996% of pathogens and greatly reduces the viral load contamination caused by surface to surface transferance. 


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