SpectriPOD- Technological Innovation

Speedy, Safe and Scientifically Proven

The SpectriPOD is a sanitisation product which is an additional safety measure against COVID and other viruses. Whilst using hand sanitiser and wearing a face mask helps in slowing the spread of COVID-19, the SpectriPOD creates a fine mist of Spectricept which covers >95% of the body and ensures that any pathogens (including COVID-19) are destroyed from the user’s clothes, face, mask, hair, and skin as they walk through the POD which greatly reduces viral load contamination levels and limits the potential spread of the virus.


Fast and Efficient

Up to 1,800 people per hour per lane 1,2 & 3 lane versions available (5,400 max per Pod).

Affordable Pricing

With a "No Clients, No Cost" or Monthly Lease option, it is a low risk, high reward investment. 

Safe and Effective

The mist used, Spectricept, is 300 times stronger than bleach but 100% safe for humans and non-toxic.

Custom Integrations

Options for client branding and API integrations to ticketing and track and trace software.


What Makes the SpectriPOD Different?

Non-Stop System

The only non-stop "walk through" sanitisation tunnel in the world, with more than 95% body coverage.

Weather Resilient

The only mobile sanitising tunnel that effectively works in "real world" conditions like wind and rain.

Medical Innovation

SpectriPODs are medical grade systems backed by an NHS supplier and CE compliant.

Day or Night Use

Suitable for use any time of day or night due to tailored lighting systems. Non-slip floors and handicap ramps.


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