You’ve Got Questions.. We’ve Got Answers

Can you walk through if you are pregnant, have a medical condition or a handicap? 

SpectriPOD's mist is 100% safe for all ages and medical conditions, including asthma. Fully equipped with non-slip floors, disability entry, and exit ramps, and a well-lit spacious walkway, the SpectriPOD is fully wheelchair and handicap accessible.

Do you need to close your eyes any mouth when you walk through and is it safe for contact lenses?

When given the green light, walk-through with arms away from body and hands open.  Spectricept will  lightly mist over you. Keep eyes open and breathe normally. Safe for contact lenses.

Will the mist stain or damage clothes or shoes and what about my hair and makeup?

Spectricept is 99.9% water, the active ingredient does not stain or damage surfaces. The misting is very light and should not affect your hair or makeup.

Do I need to remove my facemask when I walk through?

No, face masks should remain on, they are the highest touchpoint contagion risk, the mist will ensure the outside of the masks are fully sanitised.

Are SpectriPOD's and Spectricept safe?

SpectriPODs are medical grade systems backed by an NHS supplier and CE compliant. The mist, Spectricept, has had extensive skin, eyes, and lung sensitivity testing and several international medical approvals. The active ingredient has safely treated over 20 million patients worldwide, is non-toxic, biocompatible, and completely harmless to humans.

Is Spectricept proven effective at killing bacteria, viruses and spores?

Spectricept is a 100% human-safe, bio-compatible solution that is 300 times stronger than bleach (killing 99.99996% of all bacteria, viruses and spores, including COVID-19), cleans dirty surfaces and has been in development for nearly 30 years.

How does SpectriPOD's help stop spread of COVID-19? Won't I be at same risk after I walk through?

In line with the advice to do regular cleaning and practice handwashing, using SpectriPOD's to provide more than 95% body coverage sanitisation while following the World Health Organization’s approved safety measures, such as wearing face coverings and practicing social distancing,  this walk-through system will greatly reduce viral load contamination levels in high traffic areas, keeping "clean zones" clean and limiting the potential spread of the virus.

Think about it.. when was the last time you properly cleaned your coats and shoes and what did you possibly pick up on the journey to and from an event?


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