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Leaders in patented  HOCI formulations and technologies.

SpectrumX Healthcare is a public health company whose aim is to bring us back together in a safe way.  We are focused on using the best available technology and formulations to protect people by reducing the risk of cross-infection, during the current pandemic and beyond.  SpectrumX is the only company in the UK to have the license to use the patented disinfectant, Spectricept.  Spectricept has undergone extensive scientific testing in the UK and Europe, establishing its efficacy and safety with several international approvals. 



Technological Innovation

The virus responsible for COVID-19 can exist on surfaces for extended periods of time.  The exact role and potency of surface transmission is still the subject of much active investigation, but the World Health Organisation’s Interim guidance focuses on the importance of reducing the potential for viral contamination in non-healthcare settings. For social or sporting events involving the mass gathering of human beings, this would typically involve deep cleaning and disinfection of all hard surfaces within a room, theatre, stadium to render the area ‘COVID secure’. This area though would fail to remain ‘COVID secure’ once people begin to enter due to shedding contaminants from clothing, skin, and hair. SpectriPOD's remedy this and can be an effective way to allow large groups of people to safely gather again.

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Scientific Innovation

Spectricept – has been 30 years in development as a medical-grade solution and is now available to protect the public exclusively through SpectrumX's sanitising products and POD technology.

  • The Spectricept solution is 300 times more effective than bleach in killing pathogens but 100% human safe.

  • Is the only effective formulation of HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) ever created for use in "real world" conditions

  • When used in conjunction with masks and social distancing will offer the highest degree of public safety available for mass gatherings.


Non-Toxic & Bio Compatible

100% Human Safe

Spectricept is derived from the body's natural immune system. It is safe for all skin conditions and age groups and has undergone extensive skin, eye, and lung testing.

Say NO to Alcohol

0% Alcohol

Spectricept is alcohol-free and healing to the skin versus alcohol-based products that cause degradation and damage to the skin.

First Patented HOCI Formulation

Patent Protected

The only effective formulation to work on dirty surfaces, such as skin and hair, making it applicable in "Real World" conditions.

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SpectriPOD- Sanitisation Pods

Indoor and Outdoor Options

  • Built by NHS Approved Manufacturer

  • CE Compliant

  • Achieves more than 95% Body Coverage

  • Only Non-Stop "walk-through" System in the World

SpectrumX Sanitising Mist: 
No-Alcohol Hand Sanitisers

Sanitising Solutions for Healthcare and Business

SpectrumX Healthcare supplies the NHS, healthcare homes, manufacturing facilities, offices, and other businesses with a variety of hand sanitising products.


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