Global Leaders in HOCl Formulations and Technologies
Global Leaders in HOCL Formulations and Technologies

SpectrumX to provide full-service infection prevention solution to healthcare facilities 

Damien Hancox, CEO, announces partnerships with industry-leading healthcare specialists Ophardt Hygiene and SureWash for hand hygiene programme
  • Together with SureWash and Ophardt Hygiene, SpectrumX to provide a full-service infection prevention solution, which includes assessment-based training, real-time hand hygiene monitoring system, dispensers, and the Company’s Spectricept line of high-level, broad-spectrum disinfectants
  • Solution is scalable to fit any size of healthcare facility, from private clinics to care homes to hospitals

London – SpectrumX, a UK-based healthcare and pharmaceutical company, today announces that it now offers a full-service infection prevention solution to hospitals and healthcare facilities through new partnerships with healthcare specialists SureWash and Ophardt Hygiene. The hand hygiene programme is fit for purpose to suit any healthcare facility, from small clinics to large hospital trusts. 

The full-service solution combines SpectrumX’s Spectricept products with the complementary offerings of SureWash and Orphardt Hygiene. SureWash will provide customers with assessment-based training and education on the how, why and when to perform hand hygiene to help to reduce infections, manage risk, and support the achievement of external certification for infection control. Orphardt Hygiene will provide a full-featured, real-time hand hygiene monitoring system, as well as product dispensers.

Spectricept products, currently consisting of the alcohol-free hand sanitiser and a body wash, are broad-spectrum, pH-neutral, high-level disinfectants. The active ingredient is the Company’s patent-pending, stabilised form of hypochlorous acid (HOCl), effective against bacterial spores, viruses, fungi, and yeasts on skin. Spectricept Care+ Hands is the first high-level disinfectant fully validated as a non-irritant for skin. This unique biocidal product will aid healthcare professionals in reducing infection rates and in improving patient care.

Poor hand hygiene compliance among healthcare workers is one of the leading sources of transmission of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), which affect hundreds of millions of patients around the world. Most HAIs are preventable through thorough hand hygiene practices, meaning hands are cleaned at the right intervals and in the right way. According to the WHO, hand hygiene improvement programmes can prevent up to 50% avoidable infections acquired during healthcare delivery and generate economic savings on average 16 times the cost of implementation.

Damien Hancox, CEO of SpectrumX, said: “We are delighted to partner with SureWash and Ophardt to offer a full-service hand hygiene solution that is scalable to suit any healthcare facility. At a time when hospitals and care homes are experiencing high numbers of admissions, our goal is to offer a complete service that is easy to implement and aims to protect healthcare staff, patients, and visitors.”

Joel Ophardt, global marketing director at Ophardt Hygiene, said: “We are pleased to partner with SpectrumX in launching an exciting new hand hygiene programme. Combining our industry-leading dispensing and IoT platform technologies with the alcohol-free, proprietary formulations of SpectrumX results in a uniquely effective infection prevention solution that is years ahead of its time.”

Cecil Ryan, chairman of SureWash, said: “We at SureWash strongly believe that a good hand hygiene programme incorporates training, and we are therefore delighted to collaborate with SpectrumX to provide a comprehensive solution to healthcare professionals and patients.” 


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