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Global Leaders in HOCL Formulations and Technologies

SpectrumX launches revolutionary sporicidal body wash for healthcare facilities

  • Spectricept HLD Body MIST is a proven skin-safe sporicidal disinfectant wash, effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens, including Clostridiosides difficile (C. difficile) spores, the bacteria that causes potentially life-threatening gastrointestinal infections common in healthcare settings
  • After two minutes of contact time, Spectricept eradicates all C. difficile spores on the skin’s surface, making it more effective than soap and water, the previous best line of defence against C. difficile
  • Active ingredient is Company’s patent-pending, stabilised hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which lab tests indicate is 99.99% effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeasts on skin.

London – SpectrumX, a UK-based healthcare and pharmaceutical company, today announces the launch of Spectricept HLD Body MIST, a skin-safe sporicidal disinfectant body wash targeting pathogens, including Clostridioides difficile (C. difficile) spores which can lead to an antimicrobial-resistant bacterium causing diarrhoea and other serious health-related issues and can be the cause of persistent waves of infection in healthcare facilities. The Company intends to roll out the body wash in hospitals, care homes, and other healthcare facilities to control the quantity of C. difficile spores on surfaces and skin.


Spectricept HLD Body MIST is a pH-neutral, high-level disinfectant wash infused with the Company’s patent-pending, stabilised form of hypochlorous acid: HOCl+ (HOCl plus an additional three non-active additives). Lab data on Spectricept shows that the product is 99.99% effective in eliminating C. difficile and other bacterial spores, viruses, yeasts, and fungi from skin surfaces after two minutes of contact time. It meets the regulatory standard, EN 17126, for sporicidals, i.e., agents that destroy bacterial and mould spores.

C. difficile infection (CDI) is a potentially life-threatening gastrointestinal disease caused by the spore-forming bacteria C. difficile. According to Public Health England, rolling cases of CDI have increased from January 2021 (21.9 cases per 100,000) to May 2022 (25.8 cases per 100,000). CDI is the most common cause of infectious bacterial diarrhoea in hospitalised patients. Infections pose a serious threat, especially to elderly and other vulnerable patient groups in healthcare settings – including hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities. Recurrent disease occurs in about 20% of patients initially treated with antibiotics, and after a first recurrence, the risk of another infection increases to 45–60%.

CDI is also notoriously difficult to control. A patient with active CDI discharges millions of bacterial spores in their faeces, which can then contaminate healthcare environments. The spores are resilient and are resistant to many commonly used disinfectants, including alcohol. They are able to withstand dehydration and can survive for at least 6 months in dust and on surfaces.

Soap and water are currently the healthcare industry best practice to manage the spread of C. difficile, however, handwashing and bathing facilities in healthcare settings are often not readily accessible to all patients, visitors, and workers. Spectricept could directly address the problem as it can be used as a conventional hand or body wash, or without water when used with its biodegradable wipes.

SpectrumX aims for the body wash to promote sustainability and lessen the high rates of PPE waste in healthcare facilities. Since Spectricept is effective and can be used in a waterless way, the Company hopes that its availability will help drive down non-essential medical glove use by supporting the goals of the NHS Gloves Off campaign, which asks healthcare staff to risk assess before choosing whether or not to wear gloves.

Spectricept is also manufactured in the UK, providing greater resilience and visibility of supply chain.

The body wash is currently available to hospitals and healthcare facilities across the UK on a pilot programme basis.

Damien Hancox, Chief Executive Officer of SpectrumX, said: “As we enter the winter months, when infections are on the rise and healthcare facilities often approach capacity, we are pleased to launch Spectricept HLD Body MIST, which we hope will help to stop the spread of infections, including those caused by C. difficile, in vulnerable healthcare settings. Our unique pH-neutral sporicidal disinfectant formula, powered by HOCL+, is set to be a game-changer at eliminating skin surface pathogens. We’re encouraged by the lab data, and we look forward to continuing to support medical patients and practitioners with new innovations.

“The launch of our Spectricept body wash expands our product line, signifying our commitment to R&D and product creation that can make a real difference in healthcare settings to both patients, their loved ones, and staff.”


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